SPHACY is a composite word formed from the initial letters of the words in the phrase “Smart – Pharmaceutical – Health”, with each letter representing a core value of the company.

S: Smart – represents technology and innovation in the company’s products and services.

P: Pharmaceutical – represents the pharmaceutical industry and health and medical related products.

H: Health – represents the goal of caring for and improving consumers’ health, as well as creating products and services beneficial to health.


SPHACY ’s logo brings sleek and streamlined lines to optimize simplicity and provide a neat, distinct and distinctive symbol, expressing the core values and exquisite essence of Vietnam.

The whole creates a unified and robust entity, with an unwavering direction towards expansive growth, dynamic ideology, pervasiveness and the connecting power of the SPHACY  brand.

SPHACY ensures the safety and security of customers’ medical data by implementing the following measures: using data encryption technology, restricting data access based on the principle of necessity, complying with personal data protection regulations, and providing security training for employees. With these measures, SPHACY helps customers feel secure about the safety and security when using the pharmaceutical management software.

SPHACY supports pharmacies in complying with legal regulations and healthcare industry standards by providing automatic updates on medical regulations, applying data security technology, offering training guidance for employees on regulatory compliance, and providing reporting tools to monitor and assess compliance. This helps pharmacies operate efficiently and meet legal requirements accurately and safely.

SPHACY’s pharmaceutical management software provides detailed reporting features on revenue, profit, and business efficiency, helping pharmacies track total revenue for each item, profit for each product, and key business metrics such as profit margins, inventory levels, and revenue over time. This provides them with an overview and makes it easier to devise strategies to optimize revenue and enhance business efficiency.

The SPHACY GPP pharmacy management software is not limited by the number of users, which sets it apart from other products on the market.