The meaning of SPHACY.

SPHACY is a composite word formed from the initial letters of the words in the phrase “Smart – Pharmaceutical – Health”, with each letter representing a core value of the company.

S: Smart – represents technology and innovation in the company’s products and services.

P: Pharmaceutical – represents the pharmaceutical industry and health and medical related products.

H: Health – represents the goal of caring for and improving consumers’ health, as well as creating products and services beneficial to health.


SPHACY ’s logo brings sleek and streamlined lines to optimize simplicity and provide a neat, distinct and distinctive symbol, expressing the core values and exquisite essence of Vietnam.

The whole creates a unified and robust entity, with an unwavering direction towards expansive growth, dynamic ideology, pervasiveness and the connecting power of the SPHACY  brand.


The font used is sans-serif, bold, and modern. The simplicity but solidity of the font creates a sense of confidence, provides trust to customers and reflects the straightforward, powerful nature of the brand.


The color scheme on the SPHACY  logo mainly features a shade of blue: Reflecting friendliness towards partners and customers with the perspective of ‘success through cooperation’. Additionally, the blue color represents optimism, determination, and creates trust in customers.