From Inventory Management to Customer Care: Comprehensive Features of SPHACY GPP

From Inventory Management to Customer Care: Comprehensive Features of SPHACY GPP

10 July 2024

Running a pharmacy requires meticulous attention to detail and effective management skills. From inventory control, ensuring pharmaceutical quality, to customer care, each aspect plays a crucial role in the success of a pharmacy. These challenges not only impact business efficiency but also your reputation in the eyes of customers. However, with SPHACY GPP, all issues are thoroughly and effectively addressed.

The SPHACY GPP software helps manage inventory, revenue, and pharmaceutical quality control

What is pharmacy management software?

Pharmacy management software is a technological tool designed to assist pharmacies in managing and operating daily business activities efficiently. This software integrates various features to help pharmacies control inventory, manage sales, track revenue, monitor pharmaceutical quality, and provide better customer care services.

Challenges faced by pharmacies today

Difficulties in inventory management

Manual inventory checks are often time-consuming and prone to errors. You may encounter expired medications without timely detection, leading to waste and financial loss. A lack of an effective inventory management system can also result in stock shortages, which is a common issue.

With SPHACY GPP’s inventory management software, you can easily track quantities, expiration dates, and origins of medications. The software provides detailed and continuously updated information, keeping you aware of your stock status. With just a few clicks, you can immediately know which medications are about to expire and which ones need restocking, ensuring continuous and efficient supply.

Controlling pharmaceutical quality

Ensuring the quality of pharmaceuticals is crucial for maintaining the pharmacy’s reputation. You must carefully check the origin and quality of each type of medication to avoid importing substandard products that could harm customers’ health.

SPHACY GPP helps you strictly control pharmaceutical quality by providing detailed information about each batch. The software allows you to easily track import and export histories, check certifications, and ensure that all products meet GPP standards.

SPHACY helps pharmacies quickly achieve GPP standards

Effective customer care

Customer care is key to creating satisfaction and loyalty. Remembering the information and needs of each customer, especially those who frequently purchase medications, requires a robust customer information management system.

With SPHACY GPP, customer care becomes easier than ever. This management software enables you to store customer information, purchase history, and important notes. Thus, you can advise and serve customers quickly and accurately, fostering satisfaction and loyalty. 

Comprehensive benefits SPHACY GPP brings to customers


Automated management processes help you save time and focus on business development. With SPHACY GPP, you no longer need to spend hours on inventory checks or searching for customer information. Everything is digitized and optimized, giving you more time for strategic activities.

Cost reduction

Effective inventory management reduces waste and optimizes operating costs. You won’t worry about expired medications or buying excess stock unnecessarily. SPHACY GPP provides detailed reports and data analysis, helping you make accurate and timely decisions.

Enhanced reputation

Better pharmaceutical quality control and customer care increase trust and appreciation from customers. With SPHACY GPP, you can be confident that all products meet standards and your services meet customer needs excellently.

Regulation compliance

SPHACY GPP helps you easily comply with pharmacy management regulations. The software automatically updates regulatory changes and ensures you always meet the requirements of regulatory agencies. This not only helps you avoid legal risks but also creates conditions for sustainable development.


SPHACY GPP is not just pharmacy management software; it is a reliable companion helping you overcome all business challenges. If you are facing difficulties in pharmacy management, experience the breakthrough that SPHACY GPP offers. You will feel the positive and effective changes from the first days of use.

In an era of rapid technological development, adopting advanced management tools like SPHACY GPP not only makes your pharmacy operate more efficiently but also creates significant competitive advantages in the market. Let SPHACY GPP be the comprehensive solution that enhances your business efficiency and builds a solid reputation with customers.

SPHACY integrates with the National Drug System, helping you easily comply with pharmacy management regulations