SPHACY GPP Pharmacy Management Software: A Breakthrough in Pharmaceutical Management

SPHACY GPP Pharmacy Management Software: A Breakthrough in Pharmaceutical Management

1 July 2024

In the context of the increasingly developed pharmaceutical industry and the growing stringent requirements for pharmacy management, SPHACY GPP has emerged as an optimal solution to help pharmacies operate more efficiently. With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, SPHACY GPP is the ideal solution for pharmacies looking to optimize processes and enhance service quality.

SPHACY GPP is a pharmacy management software

Introduction to SPHACY GPP

SPHACY GPP is a pharmacy management software that meets GPP (Good Pharmacy Practice) standards, specializing in accurately tracking inventory, expiration dates, revenue, and profit/loss. The software is designed to meet all management needs in the pharmaceutical industry, from controlling drug inventory and managing sales to tracking customer information.

SPHACY GPP performs all tasks quickly and efficiently, helping pharmacies save time and costs while also improving the quality of customer service.

Outstanding Features of SPHACY GPP

Easy Data Import/Export

One of the standout features of SPHACY GPP is its easy data import and export capabilities. Pharmacies can conveniently transfer data from other software, including Excel files, to SPHACY. This saves time and effort, especially for pharmacies that have previously used other management systems. The flexibility in data import/export also ensures continuity in management operations, preventing disruptions in the pharmacy’s business processes.

Electronic Invoice Issuance

SPHACY GPP allows direct issuance of electronic invoices from the software, a crucial feature in today’s digital age. Electronic invoicing helps save printing and paperwork management costs while reducing errors compared to traditional methods. Additionally, electronic invoices make it easier for pharmacies to store and retrieve records when necessary, meeting transparency and legal compliance requirements.

National Prescription Connectivity

Integrating national prescriptions from the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment into SPHACY is an important feature that helps pharmacies comply with pharmaceutical industry regulations. This feature ensures that prescriptions and drug sales are legal, and it helps pharmacies easily manage and track prescriptions. National prescription connectivity also improves transparency and reliability in managing medical information.

Specialized Industry Reports

SPHACY GPP provides comprehensive specialized industry reports, such as reports on special control drugs, humidity, sanitation, temperature, and invalid prescriptions. These reports help pharmacies easily control and manage important aspects of their business operations. Detailed and accurate reports enable pharmacies to quickly identify and resolve issues, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

24/7 Legal Support

SPHACY GPP offers continuous legal support services, ensuring that pharmacies always operate within legal boundaries. The 24/7 legal support service guarantees timely assistance for legal issues, protecting the pharmacy’s rights and providing peace of mind during business operations.

Diverse Sales Formats

SPHACY GPP supports various sales formats, including retail, prescription, dose sales, combos, and more. This diversity allows pharmacies to flexibly meet customer needs and optimize revenue. With this feature, pharmacies can easily manage and track sales by format, thereby developing suitable business strategies.

The SPHACY GPP software helps pharmacy owners manage drug inventory and orders quickly.

Benefits of Using SPHACY GPP

Time and Cost Savings

One of the greatest benefits of SPHACY GPP is its ability to save time and costs for pharmacies. Automating management processes helps pharmacies reduce manual tasks such as inventory checks, paperwork processing, and invoice management. This allows pharmacy staff to focus on more important tasks like consulting and serving customers. Additionally, using management software helps pharmacies save on operating costs, from printing invoices to labor costs.

Enhanced Management Efficiency

SPHACY GPP provides detailed and timely reports, enabling pharmacies to easily evaluate business performance and make accurate management decisions. These reports include revenue, profit and loss, inventory, and other key metrics. Having timely and accurate information allows pharmacies to quickly identify and address issues, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Moreover, the software helps pharmacies effectively track and manage customer information, fostering strong relationships with customers.

Improved Customer Service

With its modern customer and sales information management features, SPHACY GPP helps pharmacies enhance service quality, creating customer satisfaction and trust. The software allows pharmacies to store and manage detailed customer information, from personal details to purchase history.

This enables pharmacies to provide effective consultations and services, meeting customer needs and expectations. Additionally, using the software helps pharmacies manage promotions and customer care programs professionally, thereby building long-term and sustainable relationships with customers.


SPHACY GPP is not only a tool to support pharmacy management but also a comprehensive solution to optimize business operations and enhance service quality in the pharmaceutical industry. Let SPHACY GPP accompany you on the path to sustainable and efficient development.
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A comprehensive solution that optimizes business operations and enhances service quality in the pharmaceutical industry